12.6 Commissioning plan  

Section 120.8(f). Commissioning plan. Prior to permit issuance a commissioning plan shall be completed to document how the project will be commissioned and shall be started during the design phase of the building project. The Commissioning Plan shall include the following:


12.6.1  Intent

The Commissioning Plan (Cx Plan) establishes the commissioning process guidelines for the project and commissioning team’s level of effort. It identifies the required Cx activities to ensure that the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) and the Basis of Design (BOD) are met. The Cx Plan also includes a commissioning schedule from design to occupancy.

12.6.2  Existing Law or Regulation

Review local county, city or jurisdiction ordinances for any applicable commissioning planning requirements.

12.6.3  Compliance Method

Compliance is demonstrated by preparation of a project specific Cx Plan that includes the elements 'listed in the code section above. The following gives guidance for developing the components of the Commissioning Plan:

1. General project information - Provide project identifying information including but not limited to the following:

      -Project Name, Owner, Location,

      -Building type, Building area,

      -Project Schedule

      -Contact information of individual/company providing the commissioning services

2. Commissioning Goals – Document the commissioning goals, including, but not limited to:

-Meeting code requirements for commissioning

-Meeting OPR and BOD requirements

-Carrying out requirements for commissioning activities as specified in plans and specifications

3. Systems to be commissioned – See BOD

a. An explanation of the original design intent - Document the performance objectives and design intent for each system listed to be commissioned in a written narrative

-Refer to the OPR and BOD documents

b. Equipment and systems to be tested, including the extent of tests

-Provide a list of equipment and systems to be tested

-Describe the range and extent of tests to be performed for each system component, and interface between systems

c. Functions to be tested - Provide example functional test procedures to identify the level of testing detail required

d. Conditions under which the test shall be performed - Identify the conditions under which the major operational system functions are to be tested, including:

-Normal operations and part-load operations

-Seasonal testing requirements

-Restart of equipment and systems after power loss

-System alarm confirmations

e. Measurable criteria for acceptable performance - Include measurable criteria for acceptable performance of each system to be tested

4. Commissioning Team Information - Provide a contact list for all Commissioning team members, including but not limited to:

a.   Owner, owner’s representative

b.   Architect, Engineers

c.   Designated commissioning representative

d.   General contractor, sub-contractors, and construction manager

5. Commissioning process activities, schedules and responsibilities

a.   Establish prescribed commissioning process steps and activities to be accomplished by the Cx team throughout the design to occupancy

b.   For each phase of the work, define the roles and responsibilities for each member of the Cx team

c.   List the required Cx deliverables, reports, forms and verifications expected at each stage of the commissioning effort

d.   Include the confirmation process for the O&M manual, systems 'manual and the facility operator and maintenance staff training



At their discretion, the building official confirms demonstrated compliance at Plan Review by:

a)   Receipt of a copy of the Commissioning Plan (optional), or

b)   Receipt of a form signed by the owner or owner representative attesting that the Cx Plan has been completed.