12.9 Commissioning report


Section 120.8(i): Commissioning report. A complete report of commissioning process activities undertaken through the design, construction and reporting recommendations for post-construction phases of the building project shall be completed and provided to the owner or representative.


12.9.1  Intent

The Commissioning Report documents the commissioning process and test results.  The report includes confirmation from the commissioning coordinator verifying that commissioned systems meet the conditions of the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR), Basis of Design (BOD), and Contract Documents.

12.9.2  Compliance Method

The components of the Commissioning Report include the following and are defined as follows:

1.   Executive summary of process and results of commissioning program – including observations, conclusions and any outstanding items.

2.   History of any system deficiencies and how resolved

a.   Include outstanding deficiencies and plans for resolution

b.   Include plans for seasonal testing scheduled for a later date

3.   System performance test results and evaluations

4.   Summary of training process completed and scheduled

5.   Attach commissioning process documents

a.   Commissioning Plan

b.   Owners Project Requirements (OPR)

c.   Basis of Design (BOD)

d.   Executed installation checklists

e.   Executed Functional Performance Test (FPT) forms

f.    Recommendations for end-of-warranty review activities



At their discretion, the building official confirms demonstrated compliance during Field Inspection by:

a.   Receipt of a copy of the Commissioning Report (optional), or

b.   Receipt of a form signed by the owner or owner representative attesting that the Cx Report has been completed.