Chapter 1.       Introduction (2016)

1.5       What’s New for 2016


1.5.1 Envelope (2016)

1.   Revisions to the mandatory requirements for metal framed and demising walls, §120.7(b).

2.   Revisions to the prescriptive envelope requirements, §140.3(a).

3.   Revisions to the roof/ceiling insulation tradeoff for aged solar reflectance, Table 140.3 of the Energy Standards.

4.   Revision to the total skylight area requirement, §140.3(c)4.

5.   Revision to the requirements for all fenestration alterations, §141.0(b)2A.


1.5.2 Lighting (2016)

1.   Clarification and simplification of existing language; removing exceptions no longer relevant, §130.0 through §130.5 and §140.6 through §140.8.


1.5.3 Mechanical (2016)

1.   Revision of the mandatory requirements for equipment efficiency in Tables 110.2A through 110.2K of the Energy Standards.

2.   Interlock controls requirements, §140.4(n).

3.   Revisions to fan control system design, Table 140.4-D of the Energy Standards.

4.   Energy Management Control System (EMCS) to comply with the thermostatic control requirements, §120.2(a).

5.   Revisions to the requirements for dampers installed on outdoor air supply and exhaust equipment, §120.2(f).

6.   New section specifying direct digital controls (DDC) applications and qualifications, §120.2(j).

7.   Revisions to the requirements for space conditioning systems with DDC to the zone level, §120.2(k).

8.   New general requirements for pipe insulation, §120.3(a).


1.5.4 Electrical (2016)

1.   New definitions of electrical metering, service equipment, plug load, and low voltage dry-type distribution transformer are added to §100.1.

2.   Revisions and clarifications of service electrical metering §130.5(a), separation of electrical circuits in §130.5(b), voltage drop in §130.5(c), and circuit controls in §130.5(d).


1.5.5 Covered Processes (2016)

1.   New mandatory requirements for elevators and escalators and moving walkways §120.6(f) and §120.6(g).


1.5.6 Commissioning (2016)

1.   Revisions to language and content to make §120.8 more clear.