Section 4.4.1 Sub-topics

A.  Minimum Insulation

B.  Connections and Closures

C.  Factory-fabricated Duct Systems

D.  Field-fabricated Duct Systems

E.  Draw Bands Used With Flexible Duct

F.  Aerosol-sealant Closures

G.  Product MarkingsProduct Markings

H.  Dampers to Prevent Air Leakage

I.    Protection of Insulation

J.   Ducts in Concrete Slab

K.   Porous Inner Core Flex Duct

L.   Duct System Sealing and Leakage Testing

M.  Air Filtration

N.  Forced Air System Duct Sizing, Airflow Rate and Fan Efficacy

O.  Airflow and Fan Efficacy Testing Versus Return Duct Sizing

P.   Return Duct Sizing Example

Q.  Zonally Controlled Central Forced Air Cooling Systems

R.  Zoned Systems and Airflow and Fan Efficacy Requirements

S.  Indoor Air Quality and Mechanical Ventilation