13.1. New Acceptance Test Requirements for 2016

A.   Building Envelope, §110.6:

             No changes.

B.   Mechanical Acceptance Tests, §120.5:

    Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Systems (NRCA-MCH-15-A)

o Incorporates new acceptance criteria.

    Minor clarifications:

o Outdoor Air (NRCA-MCH-02-A)

o Supply Water Temperature Reset Controls (NRCA-MCH-09-A)

o Hydronic System Variable Flow Controls (NRCA-MCH-10-A)

o Fault Detection & Diagnostics for DX Units (NRAC-MCH-12-A)

o Automatic Fault Detection & Diagnostic for Air Handling & Zone Terminal Units (NRCA-MCH-13-A)

C.   Lighting Controls Acceptance Tests, §130.4:

    New Acceptance Test

o Institutional Tuning of Lighting Controls (NRCA-LTI-05-A)

    Significant Alterations to Acceptance Tests

o New sampling allowance for acceptance tests.

o Changes to the lighting control occupancy sensor maximum time-out period.

o Changes to the weighted area calculation procedure requirements.

    Minor clarifications:

o Outdoor Lighting Acceptance Tests (NRCA-LTO-02-A)

D.   Covered Process Spaces and Equipment, §120.6:

    New Acceptance Tests

o Elevator Lighting and Ventilation Controls (NRCA-PRC-12-F)

o Escalator and Moving Walkway Speed Control (NRCA-PRC-13-F)

    Changes to Acceptance Procedures

o Commercial Kitchen Exhaust (NRCA-PRC-02-A)

o Parking Garage Exhaust (NRCA-PRC-03-F)