13.3. NA7.4.1 Fenestration Acceptance


NA7.4.1 Fenestration Acceptance

Use Document NRCA-ENV-02-F

Purpose of the Test

Envelope components require an NFRC or Energy Commission label certificate, including site-built fenestration. The label certificate matches the building plans and energy compliance documentation.

This certificate of acceptance summarizes the results of the acceptance test, as specified in the Reference Nonresidential Appendix, NA7.4. Additional related references are in §10-103(a)4, §10-111, §116(a)5 of the Energy Standards.


No instrumentation recommended.

Test Conditions

Not applicable.

Estimated Time to Complete

Not applicable.

Acceptance Criteria

Products will be either NFRC-rated or not rated. For NFRC-rated products, record and cross reference the rating. For unrated products, record and attach the NRCC-ENV-05-E document and cross reference against the building plans.

Potential Issues and Cautions

Important aspects to the fenestration acceptance requirements are the following:

•              Verify that thermal performance (U-factor, SHGC, and VT) of each specified fenestration product matches the fenestration certificate, building plans, and energy compliance documentation, and that each product matches purchase order or receipt.

•              If the to-be-installed fenestration thermal performance is equal to or better than the specified or listed on the energy documentation, then no further recompliance is required.

•              If the to-be-installed fenestration is less than the energy documentation, then recompliance is required. Installing less efficient fenestration can increase the cooling load of the building and change the overall energy use of the building.

•              If using the performance approach, then the weighted average thermal performance per orientation can be used as long it’s equal to or better than the specified values as noted above; otherwise, recompliance is required.

E.   Construction Inspection

Review the building plans and any completed NRCC-ENV-05-E documents; confirm that all products are represented.

F.   Functional Testing

For NFRC-rated products:

    Record the NFRC label certificate ID.

    If receipts or orders are available and they identify the NFRC ID number, then cross reference against the NFRC label certificate to match ID numbers.

    Cross reference the efficiencies listed on the NFRC label certificate of NRCC-ENV-05-E– to ensure they match the building plans window schedule of efficiencies.

For nonrated fenestration, attach a copy of the NRCC-ENV-05-E to the NRCA-ENV-02-F.