6.1   Overview

6.1.1          Significant Changes in the 2016 Energy Standards

      The values in Tables 140.7-A and 140.7-B of the Energy Standards have been modified to reflect the industry shift to LED lighting as the basis of design.

      Table 140.7-A and 140.7-B of the Energy Standards have an added column for Lighting Zone 0, which is the Lighting Zone designated specifically for undeveloped areas in parks and preserves, where no continuous lighting is intended.

      Table 140.7-A has been modified to incorporate the new requirements of the recently revised Illuminating Energy Society of North America (IES) document RP-20-2014, Parking Lot Lighting Recommended Practice.

      ATM, tunnel, and bridge lighting are no longer listed as exemptions from the LPA calculations.

      The controls requirements have changed, expanding to include lighting in outdoor sales canopies and outdoor sales lots, which were previously exempted from occupancy-based dimming controls requirements.

1.  An increase of the maximum dimming permitted as part of an active motion-controlled lighting system from 80% to 90%.

6.1.2          Prescriptive Changes

The general hardscape power allowances have been updated for all Lighting Zones (LZ), including a new lighting zone (LZ0). The additional lighting power allowances for specific applications have been updated for building entrances and exits. ATM machine lighting and tunnels are newly added to Table 140.7-B in the 2016 Energy Standards update.

6.1.3          Additions and Alterations Changes

The requirements for lighting alterations have been clarified and streamlined, and a new compliance path has been added to allow compliance based on a reduction of existing lighting power rather than by using area category and square footage to calculate lighting power allowances. Other streamlining changes include an exception to acceptance testing for projects that add controls for 20 or fewer luminaires.