JA2.2      California Design Location Data

The data contained in the following table was obtained through a joint effort by the Southern California Chapter and the Golden Gate Chapter of ASHRAE. It is reprinted here with the written permission of Southern California Chapter ASHRAE, Inc. The values for 1.0 percent drybulb and 1.0 percent mean coincident wetbulb (MCWB) are interpolated.

The data in Table 2-3 is developed from A full listing of design location data for California is contained in the ASHRAE publication SPCDX, Climate Data for Region X, Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada (ISBN 200021, May 1982) and Supplement to Climatic Data for Region X, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada (ISBN 20002956, November 1994). The publication may be ordered from:

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Link to Table 2-3 – Design Day Data for California Cities


*Heating Degree Day is a unit, based on temperature difference and time, used in estimating fuel consumption and specifying nominal annual heating load of a building. For any one day when the mean temperature is less than 65ºF (18ºC), there exist as many degree days as there are Fahrenheit degrees difference in temperature between mean temperature for the day and 65ºF (18ºC).


AFB          Air Force Base

AFS          Air Force Station

AP            Airport

CO           City/County Office

FD            Fire Department

FS            Fire Station

MCB        Marine Corps Base

MWWB    Mean Coincident Wet Bulb

NAS         Naval Air Station

NM           National Monument

PH            Power House

RS            Ranger Station