JA7.1      Purpose and Scope

Joint Appendix JA7 specifies required functional and technical elements for Data Registries that provide services to authorized users and receive data to produce, register, retain, and distribute copies of compliance documents required for compliance with Title 24, Part 6. The functional and technical elements specified in this document include the following:

(a)            Document registration is defined.

(b)            Roles and responsibilities for users and administrators of data registries are defined.

(c)            Requirements for registered documents are defined.

(d)            Requirements for configuration of project documents in the Data Registry are defined.

(e)            Requirements for electronic and digital signatures used on registered documents are defined.

(f)             Requirements for data exchange between Data Registries and external software tools are defined.

(g)            Requirements for transmittal of copies of documents to a document repository at time of registration are defined.

(h)            Procedures for approval of Data Registries and software used for data input to data registries are defined.

A Data Registry Requirements Manual is expected to be approved by the Energy Commission to provide additional detailed guidance regarding functional and technical aspects of the requirements in Reference Joint Appendix JA7.