JA7.3      Introduction

A Data Registry is a web service with a user interface and database maintained by a Registration Provider that provides for registration of residential or nonresidential compliance documentation used for demonstrating compliance with Part 6. Data Registries shall conform to the requirements specified in Reference Joint Appendix JA7 and may conform to the guidance given in the Data Registry Requirements 'Manual.

A Data Registry shall include the minimum functional features specified by Reference Joint Appendix JA7.  Additional guidance on functional features may be given in the Data Registry Requirements Manual.

Document registration is the process for verifying, serializing, and signing electronic compliance documents produced using a method approved by the Commission. Approved Data Registries are the entities that implement and manage the procedures for registering documents. The procedures include authenticating and approving users to submit or sign electronic documents and data for registration, validating that these data and documents are completed in conformance with the requirements defined by the Standard Section 10-103(a) and Reference Joint Appendix JA7, and affixing the electronic signature of the Documentation Author. The registration process is completed only when an authorized registration signer signs the compliance document electronically; whereupon the Data Registry automatically performs the following actions:

(a)            Adds the registration signer's electronic signature to the document's signature block.

(b)           Appends a unique registration number to each page of the document.

(c)           Applies the Registration Provider's digital certificate containing their digital signature to the entire compliance document.

(d)           Displays the Registration Provider's digital signature in the signature block that includes a date and time stamp corresponding to the date and time of the document registration process conclusion.

(e)           When the document registration process has concluded, the Data Registry shall immediately and automatically transmit a copy of the completed registered compliance document to the Commission Compliance Document Repository.

(f)            The Data Registry shall also retain a copy of the registered compliance document for use by authorized users for submittals.

Paper copies of registered compliance documents printed directly from the Data Registry website, or electronic copies downloaded from the Data Registry website shall be used for submittal to enforcement agencies or other parties to the building construction project.

The Registration Provider's digital signature provides for automatic electronic verification of the authenticity of electronic copies of registered documents.

The electronic copies of the registered documents retained by the Commission Compliance Document Repository shall be utilized to satisfy public information requests, perform research, and shall be maintained in a manner conforming to Evidence Code section 1530-1532 (in the custody of a public entity) for use in enforcement of the Standards.

Any person or entity wishing to have a Data Registry approved shall submit an application to the Energy Commission. Data Registries may be approved by the Energy Commission or by the Executive Director to provide document Registration services. Data Registries shall conform to the requirements of Reference Joint Appendix JA7.  Detailed guidance for implementation of the requirements in Appendix JA7 may be given in the Registry Requirements Reference Manual.