JA8.6      Data Reporting

The following test data shall be submitted to the California Energy Commission in the format specified in Table JA-8. The entity submitting the filing shall keep all test data and documentation required for compliance for at least two years from the date of certification and shall provide copies of this documentation to the Energy Commission within 10 days of written request received from the Energy Commission.



Required Information

Permissible Answers

Compliance Threshold

Manufacturer, Model number, Description



Light Source Type

LED, OLED, Fluorescent, HID, Incandescent, Other


Product type

Omnidirectional lamp, Directional lamp, Decorative lamp, LED light engine, inseparable SSL luminaire, other


Lab accredited by NVLAP or accreditation body operating in accordance with ISO/IEC 17011?



Initial Efficacy

Value (lumens/Watt)

≥ 45 lumens/Watt

Start time

Value (seconds)

≤ 0.5 sec

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

Number Kelvin

For inseparable SSL luminaires, LED light engines and GU24 LED lamps, ≤4000 Kelvin.

For all other sources,≤ 3000 Kelvin.


Number Duv

≥-0.0033 and ≤ +0.0033

Color Rendering Index (CRI)


≥ 90

Power Factor at Full Rated Power

0 – 1 Fraction

≥ 0.90

Color Rendering R9 (red)

0-100 or below 0

≥ 50

Ambient or elevated temperature test for rated life, lumen maintenance, and survival rate

Ambient or Elevated

“Ambient” allowed only for omnidirectional lamps <10W, and decorative lamps, or labeled “not for use in enclosed fixtures”, lamps and light engines that are labeled “not for use in recessed fixtures” and “inseparable SSL luminaires”. All  others must report “Elevated”.

6,000 hour lumen maintenance

Value (percent), N/A

≥ 86.7% or NA for integral luminaires providing TM-21 L70 projections based on light source LM80 data

LM-80 and TM-21 Projected Time to L70

Value (hours), N/A

≥ 25,000 hours, or N/A for light sources providing 6,000 hour lumen maintenance testing

Rated life

Value (hours)

≥ 15,000 hours

6,000 hour survival rate

Value (percent)

≥ 90% or NA for integral luminaires whose lumen maintenance/rated life is evaluated using light source LM-80 data.

Minimum dimming level

Value (percent)

≤ 10%

Dimming control compatibility

Forward Phase cut control, reverse phase cut, powerline carrier, digital, 0-10 VDC, other.

At least one type must be listed

NEMA SSL 7A compatible?


If compatible with forward phase cut dimmer control, “Yes”.  If not, “No”.


See JA10 Table 10-1 for flicker data requirements and permissible answers


<30% for frequencies of 200 Hz or below, at 100% and 20% light output

Audible Noise

100% light output: Audible Noise

Value (dBA)

≤ 24 dBA

20% light output: Audible Noise

Value (dBA)

≤ 24 dBA


Marked in accordance with JA8.5


Yes. “No” allowed only for lamps and LED light engines with diameter less than 1.0” and decorative lamps with a diameter less than 2.0”