RA1.1                     Alternative Protocol Approval

Field verification and diagnostic test protocols other than those described in Reference Residential Appendix RA3 are possible, and when field verification or diagnostic testing measurements can be reliably determined by methods, procedures or instrumentation other than those specified in Reference Residential Appendix RA3, such alternative protocols shall be allowed if approved by the Commission. The Commission may grant such approval after reviewing submittals from the applicant. Submittals shall adhere to the application process of Title 24, Part 1 Section 10-109(j). Alternative Protocols that are approved by the Commission shall be published as an addendum to Reference Residential Appendix RA1.

RA1.1.1 Alternative Refrigerant Charge Verification Protocol Approval

The applicant for a special case refrigerant charge verification protocol shall provide information that specifies:

(a)         the required instrumentation,

(b)                                                            the instrumentation accuracy,

(c)                                                            the parameters measured,

(d)                                                            the required calculations,

(e)         the target values for system operating parameters for verification of optimum system operation,

(f)                                                            the allowable deviations from target values for system operating parameters, and

(g)                                                            the requirements for reporting system faults.

Manufacturers that elect to utilize an alternative protocol for compliance with refrigerant charge verification requirements in the Standards shall demonstrate in their application for approval by the Energy Commission that use of the alternative refrigerant charge verification protocol produces equipment performance at a sensible EER at AHRI Standard 210/240 standard rating conditions (80°F indoor dry-bulb, 67°F indoor wet-bulb, and 95°F outdoor dry-bulb) that deviates less than or equal to 5 percent from the sensible EER determined by laboratory testing at the AHRI Standard 210/240 standard rating conditions when the air conditioner is charged with the manufacturer's specified refrigerant charge determined by measurement of the weight of the specified refrigerant charge. The deviations from the manufacturer's target values of system operating parameters, that correspond to the maximum allowable 5 percent deviation in sensible EER shall be determined and reported to the Energy Commission by the manufacturer, and shall be utilized as the required compliance criteria for HERS Rater refrigerant charge verification. Deviations of system operating parameters from the manufacturer's target values for less than 5 percent deviation in sensible EER (tighter tolerances) may be specified by the manufacturer for use by the installing contractor.

Manufacturers using an alternative refrigerant charge verification protocols shall, upon request, provide comprehensive engineering specification documentation, installation and technical field service documentation, and user instructions documentation to installers and service personnel that utilize the procedure.