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 (a)       Certification by Manufacturers.

Any pool or spa heating system or equipment may be installed only if the manufacturer has certified that the system or equipment has all of the following:

1.    Efficiency. A thermal efficiency that complies with the Appliance Efficiency Regulations; and

2.    On-off switch. A readily accessible on-off switch, mounted on the outside of the heater that allows shutting off the heater without adjusting the thermostat setting; and

3.    Instructions. A permanent, easily readable, and weatherproof plate or card that gives instruction for the energy efficient operation of the pool or spa heater and for the proper care of pool or spa water when a cover is used; and

4.    Electric resistance heating. No electric resistance heating; and

EXCEPTION 1 to Section 110.4(a)4: Listed package units with fully insulated enclosures, and with tight-fitting covers that are insulated to at least R-6.

EXCEPTION 2 to Section 110.4(a)4: Pools or spas deriving at least 60 percent of the annual heating energy from site solar energy or recovered energy.

(b)       Installation.

Any pool or spa system or equipment shall be installed with all of the following:

1.    Piping. At least 36 inches of pipe shall be installed between the filter and the heater or dedicated suction and return lines, or built-in or built-up connections shall be installed to allow for the future addition’ of solar heating equipment; and

2.    Covers. A cover for outdoor pools or outdoor spas that have a heat pump or gas heater.

3.    Directional inlets and time switches for pools. If the system or equipment is for a pool:

i.     The pool shall have directional inlets that adequately mix the pool water; and

ii.    A time switch or similar control mechanism shall be installed as part of a pool water circulation control system that will allow all pumps to be set or programmed to run only during the off-peak electric demand period and for the minimum time necessary to maintain the water in the condition required by applicable public health standards.