6.1 Overview

6.1.1          What’s New for the 2019 California Energy Code

The significant changes for outdoor lighting systems in the 2019 update to the Energy Standards include:

      Changes to outdoor lighting power allowances with the allowance values based on LED lighting technologies. Revisions to the general hardscape lighting values in Tables 140.7-A and the specific lighting application values in Table 140.7-B for all Lighting Zones (LZ) – Lighting Zone 1 thru Lighting Zone 4. 

      Add separate lighting power allowance values for concrete-surfaced and for asphalt-surfaced hardscape lighting application in Table 140.7-A.

      Add new lighting power allowances for narrow band spectrum light sources used in applications for minimizing outdoor lighting impacts on professional astronomy and nocturnal habitat. (Table 140.7-A)

      Revision and streamlining outdoor lighting control requirements. (§130.2(c))

      Healthcare facilities overseen by the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) have to comply with the Energy Standards including the outdoor lighting requirements for all outdoor areas of healthcare facilities.