Parking Garage Areas

include the following:

Parking Zone in a Parking Garage is used for the purpose of parking and maneuvering of vehicles on a single floor. Parking areas include sloping floors of a parking garage. Parking areas do not include Daylight Transition Zones, Dedicated Ramps, or the roof of a Parking Garage, which may be present in a Parking Garage.

Daylight Adaptation Zone in a Parking Garage is the interior path of travel for vehicles to enter a parking garage as needed to transition from exterior daylight levels to interior light levels. Daylight Transition Zones only include the path of vehicular travel and do not include adjacent Parking Areas.

Dedicated Ramps in Parking Garages are driveways specifically for the purpose of moving vehicles between floors of a parking garage and which have no adjacent parking. Dedicated ramps do not include sloping floors of a parking structure, which are considered Parking Areas.