NA1.5  Acceptance Procedures - Certificate of Acceptance Documentation

Certificates of Acceptance for duct testing are required for applicable efficiency measures in the building. When compliance requires acceptance testing, the acceptance test Field Technician shall perform the required field verification and diagnostic testing according to the procedures specified in Reference Nonresidential Appendix NA2, and verify that the work meets the requirements for compliance as shown on the Certificate of Compliance. The owner or installer shall complete a Certificate of Installation and sign the certificate to certify that the installation work meets the requirements for compliance credit.

A signed copy of the Certificate of Acceptance shall be posted at the job site for review by the enforcement agency, in conjunction with requests for final inspection, Alternatively, contingent upon approval of a Nonresidential Data registry, the enforcement agency may elect to view the certificates on an approved Data Registry. A copy shall be provided to the HERS Rater.

When the Standards do not require the Certificate of Acceptance to be registered, the Certificates of Acceptance that are posted in the field for review by the enforcement agency at final inspection are not required to be registered certificates from a Data Registry, but shall conform to all other applicable requirements of 10-103(a)4.