Nonresidential buildings other than healthcare facilities, high-rise residential buildings, and hotel/motel buildings shall comply with the applicable requirements of Sections 130.4(a) through 130.4(c). Healthcare facilities shall comply with the applicable acceptance and installation documentation requirements of OSHPD.

(a)        Lighting Control Acceptance Requirements.



Before an occupancy permit is granted, indoor and outdoor lighting controls serving the building, area, or site shall be certified as meeting the Acceptance Requirements for Code Compliance in accordance with Section 130.4(a).  A Certificate of Acceptance shall be submitted to the enforcement agency under Section 10-103(a) of Part 1, that:

1.   Certifies that all of the lighting acceptance testing necessary to meet the requirements of Part 6 is completed;

2.   Certifies that the applicable procedures in Reference Nonresidential Appendix NA7.6, and NA7.8, have been followed;

3.   Certifies that automatic daylight controls comply with Section 130.1(d) and Reference Nonresidential Appendix NA7.6.1;

4.   Certifies that lighting shut-OFF controls comply with Section 130.1(c) and Reference Nonresidential Appendix NA7.6.2;

5.   Certifies that demand responsive controls comply with Section 130.1(e) and Reference Nonresidential Appendix NA7.6.3; and

6.   Certifies that outdoor lighting controls comply with the applicable requirements of Section 130.2(c) and Reference Nonresidential Appendix NA7.8; and

7.   Certifies that lighting systems receiving the Institutional Tuning Power Adjustment Factor comply with Section 140.6(a)2J and Reference Nonresidential Appendix NA7.7.6.2.

(b)       Lighting Control Installation Certificate Requirements.



To be recognized for compliance with Part 6 an Installation Certificate shall be submitted in accordance with Section 10-103(a) for any lighting control system, Energy Management Control System, track lighting integral current limiter, track lighting supplementary overcurrent protection panel, interlocked lighting system, lighting Power Adjustment Factor, or additional wattage available for a videoconference studio, in accordance with the following requirements, as applicable:

1.   Certification that when a lighting control system is installed to comply with lighting control requirements in Part 6 it complies with the applicable requirements of Section 110.9 and complies with Reference Nonresidential Appendix NA7.7.1.

2.   Certification that when an Energy Management Control System is installed to function as a lighting control required by Part 6 it functionally meets all applicable requirements for each application for which it is installed, in accordance with Sections 110.9, 130.0-130.5, 140.6-140.8, 141-150.0(k) and complies with Reference Nonresidential Appendix NA7.7.2.



5.   Certification that interlocked lighting systems used to serve an approved area comply with Section 140.6(a)1; and comply with Reference Nonresidential Appendix NA7.7.5.

6.   Certification that lighting controls installed to earn a lighting Power Adjustment Factor (PAF) comply with Section 140.6(a)2; and comply with Reference Nonresidential Appendix NA7.7.6.

7.   Certification that additional lighting wattage installed for a videoconference studio complies with Section 140.6(c)2Gvii; and complies with Reference Nonresidential Appendix NA7.7.7.

(c) When certification is required by Title 24, Part 1, Section 10-103.1...

…the acceptance testing specified by Section 130.4 shall be performed by a Certified Lighting Controls Acceptance Test Technician (CLCATT).  If the CLCATT is operating as an employee, the CLCATT shall be employed by a Certified Lighting Controls Acceptance Test Employer.  The CLCATT shall disclose on the Certificate of Acceptance a valid CLCATT certification identification number issued by an approved Acceptance Test Technician Certification Provider.  The CLCATT shall complete all Certificate of Acceptance documentation in accordance with the applicable requirements in Section 10-103(a)4

NOTE: Authority: Sections 25402, 25402.1, 25213, Public Resources Code. Reference: Sections 25007, 25008, 25218.5, 25310, 25402, 25402.1, 25402.4, 25402.5, 25402.8, and 25943, Public Resources Code.