Are areas external to a building. These include but are not limited to the following areas:

BUILDING ENTRANCE WAY is the external area of any operable doorway in or out of a building, including overhead doors. These areas serve any doorway, set of doors (including elevator doors such as in parking garages), turnstile, vestibule, or other form of portal that is ordinarily used to gain access to the building by its users and occupants. Where buildings have separate one-way doors to enter and to leave, this also includes any area serving any doors ordinarily used to leave the building.

BUILDING FAÇADE is the exterior surfaces of a building, not including horizontal roofing, signs, and surfaces not visible from any public accessible viewing location.

CANOPY is a permanent structure, other than a parking garage area, consisting of a roof and supporting building elements, with the area beneath at least partially open to the elements. A canopy may be freestanding or attached to surrounding structures. A canopy roof may serve as the floor of a structure above.

CARPORT is a covered, open-sided structure designed or used primarily for the purpose of parking vehicles, having a roof over the parking area. Typically, carports are free-standing or projected from the side of the building and are only two or fewer car lengths deep. A Carport is not a Garage.

HARDSCAPE is the area of an improvement to a site that is paved or has other structural features such as curbs, plazas, entries, parking lots, site roadways, driveways, walkways, sidewalks, bikeways, water features and pools, storage or service yards, loading docks, amphitheaters, outdoor sales lots, and private monuments and statuary.

OUTDOOR SALES FRONTAGE is the portion of the perimeter of an outdoor sales area immediately adjacent to a public street, road, or sidewalk.

OUTDOOR SALES LOT is an uncovered paved area used exclusively for the display of vehicles, equipment or other merchandise for sale. All internal and adjacent access drives, walkway areas, employee and customer parking areas, vehicle service or storage areas are not outdoor sales lot areas, but are considered hardscape.

PARKING LOT is an uncovered area for the purpose of parking vehicles. Parking lot is a type of hardscape.

PAVED AREA is an area that is paved with concrete, asphalt, stone, brick, gravel, or other improved wearing surface, including the curb.

PRINCIPAL VIEWING LOCATION is anywhere along the adjacent highway, street, road or sidewalk running parallel to an outdoor sales frontage.

PUBLIC MONUMENTS are statuary, buildings, structures, and/or hardscape on public land.

OUTDOOR SALES CANOPY is a canopy specifically to cover and protect an outdoor sales area.

STAIRWAYS AND RAMPS. Stairways are one or more flights of stairs with the necessary landings and platforms connecting them to form a continuous and uninterrupted passage from one level to another. An exterior stairway is open on at least one side, except for required structural columns, beams, handrails and guards. The adjoining open areas shall be either yards, courts or public ways. The other sides of the exterior stairway need not be open. Ramps are walking surfaces with a slope steeper than 5 percent.

VEHICLE SERVICE STATION is a gasoline, natural gas, diesel, or other fuel dispensing station.