JA6.2       Saturation Pressure Measurement Sensors

JA6.2.1 Purpose and Scope

Appendix JA6.2 specifies the required instrumentation, and the instrumentation accuracy, for a saturation pressure measurement sensor (SPMS) device intended to provide a means for a HERS Rater to observe space conditioning system refrigerant pressure measurement data without attaching refrigerant gages to the refrigerant system service access ports.

The SPMS device manufacturer shall provide certification to the commission that the SPMS device conforms to the requirements of Reference Joint Appendix JA6.2.

JA6.2.2 SPMS Device Approval

SPMS devices, if approved by the Commission, shall be allowed for use for determining compliance with the refrigerant charge verification requirements in the Standards. The Commission may grant such approval after reviewing submittals from the applicant. SPMS devices that are approved by the Commission shall be listed as approved SPMS devices in directories published by Energy Commission.

Manufacturers of approved SPMS devices shall, upon request, provide comprehensive engineering specification documentation, installation and technical field service documentation, and user instructions documentation to installers and service personnel that utilize the procedure.

JA6.2.3 Standard for Saturation Pressure Measurement Sensors

SPMS devices shall measure and report the refrigerant system pressure for both the high pressure side and the low pressure side of the air conditioner or heat pump refrigerant system within the tolerances given in Section JA6.2.3.1.

JA6.2.3.1          Instrumentation Specifications

The pressure measurement instrumentation shall have accuracy equal to or better than the following:

(a)  accuracy: ± 7.0 psi liquid line pressure

(b)  accuracy: ± 3.5 psi suction pressure

JA6.2.3.2          Installation

SPMS devices shall be installed by the space-conditioning equipment manufacturer, or installed in the field according to any applicable space-conditioning equipment manufacturer requirements, within 12 inches of the refrigerant system service port.