13.21.      Energy Management Control System Acceptance


Energy Management Control System Acceptance

Use Document NRCAMCH18A

Purpose of the Test

This acceptance test ensures the central control system, when installed, is properly installed and configured and capable of meeting the applicable requirements of the Energy Standards. The EMCS is a complex, highly customized control system with many opportunities for installation and programming problems.

Test Conditions

All systems and components must be installed, powered and ready for system operation, including:




EMCS programming

All of the regular installation, start-up, testing, and commissioning tasks that a controls contractor normally performs during an EMCS installation should be complete before this test is conducted.

Estimated Time to Complete

1 to 2 hours, depending on familiarity with the EMCS, complexity of the EMCS, and the number of control points.

Acceptance Criteria

Test passes if all Construction Inspection boxes are checked and all Functional Testing results are “yes’.

Potential Problems and Cautions

This basic list of recommendations is intended to validate the readiness of the EMCS for any required acceptance criteria specified in the Energy Standards. This check should not take the place of a more comprehensive start-up testing or commissioning effort.

This acceptance test should be completed prior to conducting the other acceptance tests that rely on the EMCS.


A. Test Application

Newly Constructed and Additions/Alterations: All new energy management control systems (EMCS) installed on new or existing systems must be tested.

B. Construction Inspection

Ensure the following actions have been completed:

    Factory start-up and check-out complete

    I/O point lists available

    Point-to-point verification completed

    Sequence of operations of each system are programmed

    Written sequences are available    

    Input sensors are calibrated

Verification Checks

Conduct the following verification checks to validate the functionality of the EMCS:

    Verify the control graphics represent the system configuration.

    Verify control points are properly mapped to the graphics screen.

    Raise and lower a sampling of space temperature setpoints in the software and verify the system responds appropriately.

    Verify the time-of-day start-up and shut-down function initiates a proper system response.

    Verify trending capabilities by establishing trend logs for a sampling of control points.

    Verify alarm conditions are monitored.

    Verify the EMCS panel is installed on an emergency power circuit or has adequate battery back-up.


C. Functional Testing

This section includes test and verification procedures for lighting systems that require acceptance testing as listed below:

Document NRCA-LTI-03-A

   NA 7.6.1 Automatic Daylighting Controls Acceptance

Document NRCA-LTI-02-A

   NA and Occupant sensor Acceptance

   NA and Automatic Time Switch Control Acceptance

Document NRCA-LTI-04-A

   NA 7.6.3 Demand Responsive Controls

Document NRCA-LTO-02-A

   NA 7.8.2 Outdoor Motion Sensor Functional Testing