JA7.7      Data Exchange Requirements

Compliance documents are based on standardized data structures that define the content and layout contained for the standard reports that are required by the Administrative Regulations (Title 24, Part 1, §10-103). These data structures will be represented using XML, a well established public data exchange standard developed by the World Wide Web Consortium. All software that generates data used for producing compliance documents, including Data Registries that provide software interfaces for both keyed data entry or data transmission from external systems, will be required to use this technology. Specifically, the data that represents the content in compliance documents will be expressed as XML data which is validated against an XML schema that shall be approved by the Energy Commission. The XML schema will standardize the organization of the data and the terminology and data types, which will strengthen data integrity and provide built-in data validation. As an industry standard for data exchange, using XML technology will take advantage of support from numerous XML read and write software tools that are available in all major development environments.

The compliance document images rendered from the data in the XML document shall be consistent with the informational content and graphical layout formatting for the compliance documents approved by the Commission.

Detailed Guidance for use of the data definitions defined in the XML schema, and data formats used to render each of the registered compliance documents utilized for data exchange procedures for the compliance documents shall be provided in the Data Registry Requirements Manual. Consideration shall be given to use of two complimentary XML technologies, Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) and Extensible Stylesheet Language Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) which would work directly with the data in the Compliance Data Exchange File to transform the data into the required graphical layout for the compliance document.

Data registries shall provide web-based services to authorized users to enable data exchange between the Data Registry and the authorized user's computer system(s).

Data exchange transactions used for Data Registry document registration processes shall be transactions that utilize technology or software that has been approved by the Commission in accordance with Section JA7.8 or JA7.9 as applicable. Use of technology or software that has not been approved by the Commission shall not be allowed.

JA7.7.1 Data Exchange Requirements for Document Registration

JA7.7.1.1           Keyed-in Data Entry

Data Registries shall have the capability to receive data input transmitted from an authorized user's computer system keyboard entry devices and pointing devices when the authorized user has logged on to the Data Registry web service.

JA7.7.1.2           Imports from Software Tools External to a Data Registry

For document registration procedures that require electronic data or image files be transmitted to a Data Registry, the electronic data or image file transmittals shall conform to the data exchange requirements specified by Section JA7.7.

Any software tool that utilizes data transmission to a Data Registry for purposes of document registration in a Data Registry shall be a Compliance Software tool approved by the Commission pursuant to all applicable requirements in Title 24 Part 1, Section 10-109, or shall be approved for use in accordance with all applicable requirements in Section JA7.9.

JA7.7.1.3           Image File Format for Document Registration

Image files transmitted to a Data Registry from a compliance report generator as part of document registration procedures shall be non-editable "flat" image files in pdf format. Registered document images produced by a Data Registry shall be non-editable "flat" image files in pdf format. The pdf image shall not be recreated from data every time a user wishes to view the registered document. The image shall be generated only once, and stored as a "non-editable" image file.

JA7.7.1.4           Export to Commission Compliance Document Repository

Contingent upon approval of a document repository by the Commission, upon conclusion of the registration of a document, the Data Registry shall immediately and automatically export a copy of the registered compliance document to the Commission Document Repository. The export shall conform to the specifications for data exchange described in JA7.7 and consist of an XML file which is validated against an XML schema. The xml schema shall be approved by the Energy Commission. Detailed guidance for data and document exports to the document repository may be included in the Data Registry Requirements 'Manual.

Exports to the Commission Compliance Document Repository shall contain the data represented on the registered compliance document, and the Registration Provider's digitally signed image file that represents the completed registered compliance document.

JA7.7.1.5           Electronic Copies of Registered Compliance Documents for Submittals

Registered document files retained by a Data Registry shall be made available to authorized users of the Data Registry for download for use for electronic submittals. These electronic copies of the registered compliance documents shall have the Registration Provider's digital signature which provides for automatic electronic verification of the authenticity of the document. Refer to Section JA7.5.5 for more information about automatic verification of document authenticity using digital certificates.