7.6 Energy Compliance Documentation

7.6.1          Overview

This section describes the required documentation for compliance with the sign lighting energy requirements. At the time the sign permit application is submitted to the enforcement agency, the applicant must also submit the sign lighting energy compliance documentation.

The sign lighting energy compliance documentation is located in Appendix A of this manual and are designated as “NRCC-LTS.”

See Chapter 2 of this manual for additional information about the data registry.

7.6.2          Sign Lighting Inspection

The electrical building inspection process for sign lighting energy compliance is carried out along with the other building inspections performed by the enforcement agency. The inspector relies upon the plans (when required for signs) and upon the NRCC-LTS-E Certificate of Compliance documentations.

7.6.3          Two Combined SLTG Documents

There are two compliance documents required for compliance with the sign lighting standards:

1.   Certificate of Compliance.

2.   Installation Certificate.

For the convenience of the sign lighting industry, these two documents have been combined into one multi-use compliance document with the sign lighting standards. See Section 5.11.5 of this manual for information about the Certificate of Compliance, and Section 5.11.6 for information about the Installation Certificate.

7.6.4          Explanation of Compliance Document Numbering System

The following is an explanation of the Compliance Document Numbering System:

NRCC     Nonresidential (NR) Certificate of Compliance (CC)

LTS         Lighting (LT), Signs (S)

E              Enforcement Document. Developed primarily for the Enforcement Agency

7.6.5          Lighting Control Systems Installation Certificate

There is another installation certificate required when a lighting control system or an EMCS is installed to comply with the sign lighting control requirements. They are

1.   The person who is eligible under Division 3 of the Business and Professions Code to accept responsibility for the construction or installation of features, materials, components, or manufactured devices shall sign and submit the Installation Certificate.

2.   If any of the requirements in the Installation Certificate fail the installation tests, that application shall not be recognized for compliance with the Energy Standards.

For sign lighting controlled by a lighting control system or by an EMCS, the NRCI-LTS-E shall be used as a Certificate of Installation submitted for signs.