NA7.2  Introduction

Acceptance requirements are defined as implementation of targeted inspection checks and functional and performance testing to determine whether specific building components, equipment, systems, and interfaces between systems conform to the criteria set forth in the Standards and to related construction documents (plans or specifications). Acceptance requirements improve code compliance effectiveness and help meet the expected level of performance.

Acceptance testing is not intended to take the place of commissioning or test and balance procedures that a building owner might incorporate into a building project. It is an adjunct process focusing only on demonstrating compliance with the Standards.

Third-party review of the information provided on Certificate of Acceptance documentation is not required, with one exception: duct leakage diagnostic test results for some constant volume space conditioning systems serving less than 5,000 square feet of conditioned floor area are required to be verified by a certified HERS Rater as specified in Standards Section 140.4(l)1.