Section 150.0(m) – R-Related Topics

'Residential Compliance 'Manual Mandatory Features and Devices - §150.0 Insulation for Refrigerant Lines in Split-System Air Conditioners Hole for Static Pressure Probe (HSPP) or Permanently Installed Static Pressure Probe (PSPP)

4.4.1 Mandatory Measures for Air Distribution System Ducts, Plenums, Fans, and Filters

4.4.4 Duct Installation Standards Supply Ventilation Central Fan-Integrated (CFI) Ventilation Minimum Filtration


'Residential ACM Reference Manual Verified System Airflow Verified Air-Handling Unit Fan Efficacy


'Residential Appendices

RA3.3 Field Verification and Diagnostic Testing of Forced Air System Airflow Rate, Fan Watt Draw, and Determination of Fan Efficacy.