Small-scale server

means a computer that uses desktop components in a desktop form factor but that is designed to be a storage host for other computers. A small-scale server is designed to perform functions such as providing network infrastructure services (for example, archiving) and hosting data and media. This product is not designed to process information for other systems or run Web servers as a primary function. A small-scale server has all the following characteristics:

(1) Designed in a pedestal, tower, or other form factor similar to those of desktop computers such that all data processing, storage, and network interfacing is contained within one box or product;

(2) Designed to operate continuously, except for maintenance;

(3) Capable of operating in a simultaneous multi-user environment serving several users through networked client units; and

(4) Designed for an industry-accepted operating system for home or low-end server applications (e.g., Windows Home Server, Mac OS X Server, Linux, UNIX, Solaris).