means a device that performs logical operations and processes data. A computer includes both stationary and portable units and includes a desktop computer, a portable all-in-one, a notebook computer, a mobile gaming system, a high expandability computer, a small-scale server, a thin client, and a workstation. Although a computer is capable of using input devices and displays, such devices are not required to be included with the computer when the computer is shipped. A computer is composed of, at a minimum:

(1) A central processing unit (CPU) to perform operations or, if no CPU is present, then the device must function as a client gateway to a server and the server acts as a computational CPU;

(2) Ability to support user input devices such as a keyboard, mouse, or touchpad; and

(3) An integrated display screen or the ability to support an external display screen to output information.

The term “computer” does not include a tablet, a game console, a television, a small computer device, a server other than a small-scale server, or an industrial computer.