2022 Low-Rise Multifamily Energy Code Forms

Official California Energy Commission compliance documents you can use to show compliance with 2022 California Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24, Part 6 or Energy Code).

These forms are for low-rise (three stories or less) Multifamily and Mixed-Use projects starting with the 2022 Energy Code. High-rise (four stories or more) projects should use the Nonresidential forms.

LMCC Forms (Low-rise Multifamily Certificates of Compliance)

The Low-rise Multifamily Certificates of Compliance (LMCC) are to demonstrate the construction documents are compliant with the Energy Code at the time of permit application.

Low-rise Multifamily projects that require HERS verification and are permitted after 02/15/2024 must be registered with a HERS Provider and therefore LMCC forms should be completed within the HERS registry as available. See CEC Advisory

Use the Virtual Compliance Assistant to walk you through form completion and produce the pdf you can take to the Authority Having Jurisdiction for construction permit application.

2022-LMCC-CXR-01-E: Commissioning
2022-LMCC-PLB-01-E: Domestic Water Heating
2022-LMCC-ELC-01-E: Electric Power Distribution
2022-LMCC-ENV-01-E: Envelope
2022-LMCC-LTI-01-E: Lighting - Indoor
2022-LMCC-LTO-01-E: Lighting - Outdoor
2022-LMCC-LTS-01-E: Lighting - Sign
2022-LMCC-MCH-01-E: Mechanical
2022-LMCC-PRC-01-E: Process Systems
2022-LMCC-SAB-01-E: Solar and Battery
LMCI Forms (Low-rise Multifamily Certificates of Installation)

The Low-rise Multifamily Certificates of Installation (LMCI) are to demonstrate installations are compliant with the Energy Code. Complete these forms during the bid process to ensure your equipment and materials selections comply before purchasing.

Low-rise Multifamily projects that require HERS verification and are permitted after 02/15/2024 must be registered with a HERS Provider and therefore LMCC forms should be completed within the HERS registry as available.

Use the Virtual Compliance Assistant to walk you through form completion and produce the pdf you can take to the building inspector. Where indicated below, go to CEC's website for paper forms.

2022-LMCI-PLB-E: Domestic Water Heating
2022-LMCI-ELC-E: Electric Power Distribution
2022-LMCI-ENV-E: Envelope
2022-LMCI-LTI-E: Lighting - Indoor
2022-LMCI-LTO-E: Lighting - Outdoor
2022-LMCI-LTS-E: Lighting - Sign
2022-LMCI-MCH-E: Mechanical
2022-LMCI-PRC-E: Process Systems
2022-LMCI-SAB-E: Solar and Battery
2022-LMCI-ELC-01-E: Electrical Power Distribution
2022-LMCI-ENV-21-H: QII Framing
2022-LMCI-ENV-22-H: QII Insulation
2022-LMCI-MCH-01-H: Space Conditioning Systems
2022-LMCI-MCH-20-H: Duct Leakage
2022-LMCI-MCH-21-H: Duct Location
2022-LMCI-MCH-22-H: Fan Efficacy
2022-LMCI-MCH-23-H: Airflow Rate
2022-LMCI-MCH-24-H: Envelope Air Leakage
2022-LMCI-MCH-25-H: Refrigerant Charge
2022-LMCI-MCH-26-H: Rated Equipment
2022-LMCI-MCH-27-H: IAQ
2022-LMCI-MCH-28-H: Duct Design
2022-LMCI-MCH-29-H: Duct Credits
2022-LMCI-MCH-32-H: Kitchen Ventilation
2022-LMCI-PLB-01-E: Central DHW Distribution
2022-LMCI-PLB-02-E: Individual DHW Distribution
2022-LMCI-PLB-03-E Pool and Spa Heating Systems
2022-LMCI-PLB-21-H: HERS Central DHW Distribution
2022-LMCI-PLB-22-H: HERS Individual DHW Distribution
LMCV Forms (Low-rise Multifamily Certificates of Verification)

LMCV documents are to demonstrate field verification and/or diagnostic testing is compliant with the Energy Code at the time of construction and should be submitted by the HERS rater to the inspector.

LMCV documents will need to be completed by a HERS rater. See the California Energy Commission website for more information on HERS and the HERS program.

You can use the Forms Ace tool to determine if your project requires HERS verification.

2022-LMCV-ENV-21-H: Envelope-HERS QII - Framing Stage
2022-LMCV-ENV-22-H: Envelope-HERS QII - Insulation Installation Stage
2022-LMCV-EXC-20-H: Existing Conditions HERS Verification of Existing Conditions for Residential Alterations
2022-LMCV-MCH-20-H: Mechanical-HERS Duct Leakage Diagnostic Test
2022-LMCV-MCH-21-H: Mechanical-HERS Duct Location Verification
2022-LMCV-MCH-22-H: Mechanical-HERS Fan Efficacy
2022-LMCV-MCH-23-H: Mechanical-HERS Airflow Rate
2022-LMCV-MCH-24-H: Envelope-HERS Building Envelope Air Leakage Worksheet
2022-LMCV-MCH-25-H: Mechanical-HERS Refrigerant Charge Verification
2022-LMCV-MCH-26-H: Mechanical-HERS Rated Space Conditioning System Equipment Verification
2022-LMCV-MCH-27-H: Mechanical-HERS Indoor Air Quality and Mechanical Ventilation
2022-LMCV-MCH-28-H: Mechanical-HERS Return Duct Design and Air Filter Device Sizing According to Tables 150.0-B or C
2022-LMCV-MCH-29-H: Mechanical-HERS Duct Surface Area Reduction; R-value; Buried Ducts Compliance Credit
2022-LMCV-MCH-32-H: Mechanical-HERS Kitchen Ventilation
2022-LMCV-MCH-33-H: VCHP Compliance Credit
2022-LMCV-PLB-21-H: Plumbing (DHW)-HERS HERS Verified Multifamily Central Hot Water System Distribution
NRCA Forms (Nonresidential Certificates of Acceptance)

The Nonresidential Certificates of Acceptance (NRCA) are to demonstrate compliance with Acceptance Testing requirements in the Energy Code. These documents must be completed by a field technician or Certified Acceptance Test Technician (ATT) and submitted to the inspector.

  • Forms ending in a "-F" can be downloaded from the CEC's website, completed, and submitted to the inspector.
  • Mechanical and Lighting forms ending in a "-A" must be completed by a Certified Acceptance Testing Technician (ATT) through a Certification Provider's website. See the CEC website to find an ATT, and for more information on the Acceptance Testing Program.
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2022-NRCA-ENV-02-F: Fenestration Acceptance
2022-NRCA-ENV-03-F: Daylight Design PAFs
2022-NRCA-LTI-02-A: Shut-off Lighting Controls
2022-NRCA-LTI-03-A: Auto Daylighting Control
2022-NRCA-LTI-04-A: Demand Response Controls
2022-NRCA-LTI-05-A: Institutional Tuning PAF
2022-NRCA-LTO-02-A: Outdoor lighting Control
2022-NRCA-MCH-02-A: Outdoor Air
2022-NRCA-MCH-03-A: Cont Volume Single Zone HVAC
2022-NRCA-MCH-04-A: Duct Leakage
2022-NRCA-MCH-05-A: Economizer DOAS HRV ERV
2022-NRCA-MCH-06-A: Demand Control Ventilation
2022-NRCA-MCH-07-A: Supply Fan Variable Flow Controls
2022-NRCA-MCH-08-A: Valve Leakage Test
2022-NRCA-MCH-09-A: Water Temp Reset
2022-NRCA-MCH-10-A: Hydronic System Variable Flow Control
2022-NRCA-MCH-11-A: Auto Demand Shed Control
2022-NRCA-MCH-12-A: FDD Packaged Units
2022-NRCA-MCH-13-A: FDD AHU and Zone Terminal Units
2022-NRCA-MCH-14-A: Distributed Energy Storage
2022-NRCA-MCH-15-A: Thermal Energy Storage
2022-NRCA-MCH-16-A: Supply Air Temp Reset
2022-NRCA-MCH-17-A: Condenser Water Temp Reset
2022-NRCA-MCH-18-A: EMS Acceptance
2022-NRCA-MCH-19-A: Occupied Standby
2022-NRCA-MCH-20-A: Multifamily Ventilation Exhaust
2022-NRCA-MCH-21-A: Multifamily Leakage
2022-NRCA-MCH-22-A: Duct Leakage
2022-NRCA-PRC-01-F: Compressed Air
2022-NRCA-PRC-02-F: Kitchen Exhaust
2022-NRCA-PRC-03-F: Parking Garage Ventilation
2022-NRCA-PRC-04-F: Ref WH Evap Fan Control
2022-NRCA-PRC-05-F: Evap Condenser Control
2022-NRCA-PRC-06-F: Air-cooled Condensers
2022-NRCA-PRC-07-F: VS Compressors
2022-NRCA-PRC-08-F: Ref WH Underslab Heating
2022-NRCA-PRC-12-F: Elevator Ltg Vent Control
2022-NRCA-PRC-13-F: Escalator Speed Control
2022-NRCA-PRC-14-F: Lab Exhaust
2022-NRCA-PRC-15-F: Fume Hood
2022-NRCA-PRC-16-F: Adiabatic Cond
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Need a hand with the forms? Check out the Forms Ace™ to figure out which forms are required for your project.

Need a hand with the forms? Check out the Forms Ace™ to figure out which forms are required for your project.

Forms Ace™
The Forms Ace™ tool helps you figure out which Title 24, Part 6 forms apply to your specific project. Use this tool before your permit submittal to determine which forms will be required for your Addition, Alteration or New Construction project — and whether or not your project requires HERS (Home Energy Rating System) verification.
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2022 forms are used for projects permitted after January 1, 2023. For all projects permitted under 2013, 2016, 2019 Energy Codes, see the Forms Page.
2022 Energy Code Forms
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