Energy Code Ace Social Media Public Comment Policy & Guidelines

Energy Code Ace has a presence on several social media platforms, including Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube. The program uses social media to encourage a useful exchange of information. Energy Code Ace invites your opinion on our program and offerings.

Energy Code Ace social media policies

Practice being civil on social media

Energy Code Ace encourages feedback on our social media channels. We welcome all questions and comments, including criticism.

We encourage you to follow these tips when you post:

  • Provide feedback and ask questions in a civil and respectful manner.
  • Follow the applicable platform’s posting guidelines. Do not make “personal attacks” or engage in other offensive behavior.

How we moderate our social media platforms

Energy Code Ace strives to foster a constructive dialogue focused on solutions. We can and will remove disruptive messages that violate Energy Code Ace guidelines. We can also ban you from a page or channel if your post is noncompliant.

Energy Code Ace social media guidelines

We expect you to adhere to the following guidelines for Energy Code Ace community participation. An Energy Code Ace moderator may remove any posts or comments that:

  • Contain Spam
  • Contain solicitations or advertisements or non-Energy Code Ace marketing content
  • Contain harassing, offensive, abusive, defamatory, obscene, racist, sexist, discriminatory or hateful content
  • Contain deceptive, misleading, potentially harmful or factually unsupported content
  • Contain links not authorized and/or approved by Energy Code Ace
  • Promote meetings, petitions, organizations or causes not officially sponsored or recognized by Energy Code Ace
  • Contain information that is “off-topic” or unrelated to the original post made by either Energy Code Ace or a member of the community
  • Contain private, personal or sensitive information about individuals
  • Encourage illegal action

External link disclaimer

Energy Code Ace is not responsible for external sites posted by others. We cannot edit content on these pages. The opinions expressed on external websites do not represent the position of Energy Code Ace.

Copyright infringement

All posted content must comply with copyright or other proprietary laws. You are responsible for any posts that infringe on copyright laws.

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