means a computer used for graphics, computer-aided design (CAD), software development, financial, or scientific applications, among other computation intensive tasks. A workstation covered by this specification must meet the following criteria:

(1) Product as shipped does not support altering frequency or voltage beyond the computer processing unit and GPU manufacturers' operating specifications;

(2) Has system hardware that supports error-correcting code (ECC) that detects and corrects errors with dedicated circuitry on and across the CPU, interconnect, and system memory; and

(3) Meets two or more of the following criteria:

(A) Supports one or more discrete GPU or discrete compute accelerators.

(B) Supports four or more lanes of PCI-express, other than discrete GPU, connected to accessory expansion slots or ports where each lane has a bandwidth of 8 gigabits per second (Gb/s) or more.

(C) Provides multi-processor support for two or more physically separate processor packages or sockets. This requirement cannot be met with support for a single multi-core processor.

(D) Has qualified or is currently being reviewed for qualification by two or more independent software vendor (ISV) product certifications.


Section 1602 (w)