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At Energy Code Ace, we believe that communication and collaboration are critical to improving compliance with Title 24. We will work to ensure that news of our tools, trainings and resources – as well as any updates related to the Standards gets to you as quickly as possible. We encourage you to register on this site so we can reach you via email and special filtered content.  

We will also endeavor to have our news items placed in industry channels important to you. If you have suggestions for such industry media outlets, we’d love to hear from you at! You can download our announcements and read what others have published about us on the Press page.

Additionally, we make presentations to industry organizations to help spread the word about Energy Code Ace and our offerings, as well as the importance of compliance. If you are interested in requesting a presentation and or viewing some examples, check out the Presentations page.

Another key to our work to improve compliance with California's energy code is collaborating with like-minded organizations and agencies – and we are always open to discussing new partnering opportunities. Please visit our Partnerships page to find out more.

This program is funded by California utility customers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission and in support of the California Energy Commission.
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