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  • Don’t gamble on Title 24, Part 6 and Title 20 compliance. Ace it with:

A variety of tools to help you identify the forms, installation techniques, and standards relevant to building projects in California.

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Targeted classroom and online training on Title 24, Part 6 and Title 20 addressing a variety of stakeholders and measures.

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Application Guides, Facts Sheets, Trigger Sheets and Checklists to help you understand how and when to comply with California’s building and appliance energy efficiency standards.

Ace it

The program that you have developed was obviously done with an incredible amount of insight as to what it is Building departments deal with daily. Everyone here from Permit techs to Plans examiners to Field Inspectors is very impressed and look forward to using and referring customers to this site to easily get the answers that arise daily. Thank you.


This program is funded by California utility customers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission and in support of the California Energy Commission.
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