5.9 Lighting Control Installation and Acceptance Requirements – for Installers and Acceptance Test Technicians 

With the onset of the construction phase of projects, two types of documentation have to be prepared for showing compliance to the Energy Standards - certificate of installation and certificate of acceptance (for acceptance tests).

The following sections layout their scope and the related parts of the Nonresidential Appendix which contains the acceptance test procedures.  Refers to Section 5.11 for a list of the certificate mentioned.

5.9.1          Lighting Installation Certificate Requirements (§130.4(b))

The person who is eligible under Division 3 of the Business and Professions Code to accept responsibility for the installation or construction of features, materials, components, or manufactured devices shall sign and submit the Certificate of Installation for installation of the following items, before any of the following applications will be recognized for compliance with the lighting requirements,

1.  Lighting Control System.

2.  Energy Management Control System.

3.  Interlocked lighting systems service a single space.

4.  Lighting controls installed to earn a lighting Power Adjustment Factor (PAF).

5.  Additional lighting wattage available for a videoconference studio.

If any of the requirements in the Certificate of Installation are not met, that application shall not be recognized for compliance with the Energy Standards.

5.9.2          Lighting Control Acceptance Requirements (§130.4(a))

Acceptance testing must be performed by a certified lighting controls acceptance test technician.to certify the, indoor and outdoor lighting controls serving the building, area, or site for meeting the acceptance requirements.

A Certificate of Acceptance shall be submitted to the enforcement agency under §10-103(a) of Part 1 and §130.4(a), that:

1.  Certifies that all of the lighting acceptance testing necessary to meet the requirements of Part 6 is completed.

2.  Certifies that the applicable procedures in Reference Nonresidential Appendix NA7.6 and NA7.8 have been followed.

3.  Certifies that automatic daylight controls comply with §130.1(d) and Reference Nonresidential Appendix NA7.6.1.

4.  Certifies that lighting shut-OFF controls comply with §130.1(c) and Reference Nonresidential Appendix NA7.6.2.

5.  Certifies that demand responsive controls comply with §130.1(e) and Reference Nonresidential Appendix NA7.6.3.

6.  Certifies that outdoor lighting controls comply with the applicable requirements of §130.2(c) and Reference Nonresidential Appendix NA7.8.

7.  Certifies that lighting systems receiving the institutional tuning power adjustment factor comply with §140.6(a)2J and Reference Nonresidential Appendix NA7.7.6.2.