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  • “I would like to express my appreciation of your efforts putting the training together for the T24 2008 Residential Energy Code yesterday. Gina was a very good instructor and now I really felt how much I don’t know and need to catch up as soon as possible. The food was great and location was suitable. I am really looking forward to the next training provided by the same team. Good job and thank you again!” – Allan Lang, Building Official, Alameda County Public Works Agency


  • “Since taking the class I have vigorously pursued the concept of doing commercial projects the “T24 way,” and have found that the confidence of knowing the code and the way I convey that to prospective customers has gained me a lot of new work. I am very pleased to have attended the class.” – Mike Olsen, Gilmore Heating and Air


  •  "I just wanted to thank both of you for the Webinar you presented to our Building department this morning. The program that you have developed was obviously done with an incredible amount of insight as to what it is Building departments deal with daily. Everyone here from Permit techs to Plans examiners to Field Inspectors are very impressed and look forward to using and referring customers to this site to easily  get the answers that arise daily. Thank you." – Scott Byrnes, Building Inspection Supervisor, City of Roseville


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