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Useful Links, Phone Numbers, and Documents 

In addition to the tools, training and resources available through Energy Code Ace, the following provide good sources of information and services related to California’s energy building code Title 24 Part 6, and Title 20.

Title 24, Part 6

Primary Documents

Provides explanations of the requirements, examples on how to comply, and the required forms
Provides explanations of the requirements, examples on how to comply, and the required forms
Detailed descriptions and tables that define the code requirements.  Also gives detailed descriptions on verification of compliance procedures.

California Energy Commission (CEC) Information & Services

  • Energy Standards Hotline – 1-800-772-3300; Outside California: 916-654-5106
The Energy Commission’s telephone hotline specifically designed to support implementation of Title 24, Part 6. Questions may also be emailed to 

The Energy Commission’s main web portal for Energy Standards, including information, documents, and historical information

Information, notices, and other communications, including information associated with the Energy Commission's efficiency-related rulemaking proceedings delivered to your inbox.
Building Energy Efficiency Standards Newsletter, with updates on code changes and interpretations. Subscribe here.
Final Inspection Newsletter, code-related news from the Efficiency Division

Two-page summary providing descriptions of the sections to be updated effective January 1, 2017

Compliance Software approved by the Energy Commission  for 2016 Standards

Five-page summary providing descriptions of the sections to be updated effective July 1, 2014 (Revised: March 6, 2013)
Blueprint newsletter issue summarizing the 2013 code changes (September – October 2013 issue)
The Energy Commission’s list of Title 24, Part 6 training

Climate zones on Google Earth, by city, and by zip code as well as climate zone weather data

Glossary of common energy terms with links to other glossaries of acronyms and terms used in the energy industry

Other Information & Services

Information on how you can become involved in the process of developing the 2019 standards. Developed by the Statewide Codes and Standards Team.

A one-stop resource for building and development in California

White papers documenting work to identify code compliance issues and explore potential solutions

Tools and information intended to help lighting designers and building professionals become familiar with advanced lighting technologies and the latest code improvements.
Cool roof requirements, CRRC-rated products, as well as rebate and incentive programs, in specific areas.
Fenestration ratings, label verification and FAQs

Professional Services

Training & Education

  • Free trainings sponsored by Investor Owned Utilities:

Incentive Programs - New Construction

  • California Advanced Homes Program (CAHP): Created to help the building industry design and develop more environmentally friendly communities. It highlights best practices in energy efficiency, green building and sustainability, and offers generous financial incentives to help builders and architects create environmentally friendly, energy-efficient communities for potential new home buyers.
  • California Multi-Family New Homes Program (CMFNH): Promotes energy efficiency in multifamily new construction projects, offering design assistance, cash incentives, and educational opportunities.
  • Savings By Design (SBD): Encourages high-performance, non-residential building design and construction, and a variety of solutions to building owners and design teams. Offerings include owner incentives, design team incentives, design assistance and the Energy Design Resources website.

Related California Agencies

Trade Associations

Title 20

Primary Documents

Toilet, Urinal, and Faucet Regulations were adopted on April 8, 2015 and are effective January 1, 2016.

California Energy Commission (CEC) Information & Services​​​​​​​

  • Appliances Hotline –  (888) 838-1467 or outside California (916) 651-7100 
The CEC's telephone hotline designed to support use of the new appliance database, the Modernized Appliance Efficiency Database System (MAEDBS). Services are available 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM PST. Questions may also be emailed to

The CEC’s main web portal for Title 20, including information, documents and useful links  

The CEC's newly launched appliance efficiency database. All appliances regulated under Title 20 must be certified to the CEC using MAEDBS to be legally offered for sale in California.

A set of frequently asked questions about the Modernized Appliance Efficiency Database System (MAEDBS) answered by the CEC

  • CEC ListServs – ​Follow this link to sign up for the following listservs to recieve related information, notices, and other communications, including information associated with the CEC's efficiency-related rulemaking proceedings delivered to your inbox:
  • Title 20 Compliance Assistance
  • Appliance Efficiency Enforcement Rulemaking
  • Appliance Efficiency Regulations

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Information & Services

The DOE's main web portal for U.S. federal appliance and equipment standards, including information, documents and useful links.

The DOE’s publicly-ac­cessible database for compliance certification of appliances and equipment regulated under DOE energy conservation standards. Manufacturers and third-parties whose appliances/equipment are regulated under both Title 20 and federal standards must certify to both the CEC MAEDBS and the DOE CCMS.

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