12. Building Commissioning Guide

Commissioning.  For all new nonresidential buildings, commissioning shall be included in the design and construction process of the building project to verify that the building energy systems and components meet the owner’s or owner representative’s project requirements. For buildings less than 10,000 square feet, only the design review requirements (Design Phase, Design Review and Commissioning Measures shown in the Construction Documents) shall be completed.


Summary of Commissioning Requirements. The following items shall be completed:

12.1 Introduction

12.2 Owner’s or owner representative’s project requirements;

12.3 Basis of design;

12.4 Design phase design review;

12.5 Commissioning measures shown in the construction documents;

12.6 Commissioning plan;

12.7 Functional performance testing;

12.8 Documentation and training; and

12.9 Commissioning report.

12.10 Commissioning Compliance Forms