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Installation Ace Logo

The Installation Ace is a "field guide" to assist you in identifying proper installation techniques  and which provides visual aides for some components commonly  installed incorrectly. Its array of photographs along with easy-to-understand text are designed to help you visualize and demonstrate correct installation of a number of residential and nonresidential energy efficiency measures required by Title 24, Part 6.   

The Installation Ace is intended to be used as a cost-effective field guide that can be updated, added to and replaced easily.  For best use:
  1. Download the documents on just the topics you need or download the entire residential or nonresidential volume
  2. Print pages double-sided
  3. Slip into plastic sheet protectors
  4. Add to a 3-ring binder

Each section of the guide is color-coded for easy identification, and a separate file of printable matching tab inserts is also available below. A printable binder spine label is also provided in a separate file.

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Title 24, Part 6

2016 - More 2016 Resources Coming Soon!
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