I need forms assistance

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Which compliance forms do I need to complete?

An easy way to find which forms are required is to use the Forms Ace tool. After you enter your project information, the tool can direct you to the correct forms for your specific scope of work. Each project has requirements based on the climate zone, building type, and project details. There are three main types of energy code forms: Compliance, Installation, and Verification. Compliance forms are required to be submitted with your original construction documents when you apply for a building permit. Then Installation forms are needed during the inspection process to document what was actually implemented (because we all know things can change during construction). And last, when field verification and or diagnostic testing is required, third party inspectors such as HERS raters or acceptance test technicians will complete Verification forms.

Where can I find the forms?

We have a special Forms Section on the site collecting the forms you need in one place! They are separated by code year, building type, and form type. The code year that applies to your project is determined by the date you apply for a building permit through the appropriate building department. Any projects applying for a permit after December 31, 2022 will use the 2022 forms. The building type is determined by who will be occupying the building. Residential forms include single-family, townhome, and duplex projects. Nonresidential & High-rise Multifamily forms are for nonresidential, high-rise multifamily (four stories or greater) and high-rise mixed-use (four stories or greater) projects. Low-rise multifamily forms are for low-rise residential projects (three stories or less) and are newly introduced for the 2022 Energy Code. Projects that applied for a permit prior to January 1, 2023, will only use Residential forms or Nonresidential forms.

Compliance and Installation forms can be filled out digitally in the Virtual Compliance Assistant. You can start a new project in the My Projects section of your account.

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Is there anyone who can help me fill out my forms?

When you use our Virtual Compliance Assistant to complete forms, you will find help integrated throughout the process. The questions and answers are responsive to your project details, showing you what applies to your specific scope of work. There are help icons throughout the form to guide your decisions and linked references to the Energy Code so you can easily go directly to the code language related to the question. It automatically performs necessary calculations and determines if you are in compliance so you can make appropriate design decisions with confidence. Once complete and in compliance, you can generate a verified compliant PDF that you will then include with construction documents in your building permit application.

Even with this guidance, we know some projects can be too complex to figure out on your own. Fortunately, there are a group of professionals called Certified Energy Consultants (CEAs) who you can hire to find the best configuration of energy solutions for your project and assist with compliance. Energy Code Ace can't provide this level of consulting, but you can find a professional here.

If you are stuck on a part of your project where you could use some expert advice, we do have a seasoned team of industry experts who can assist. Use our Submit a Question tool and a real-live person will get back to you with suggestions.

Do you have any training that can help me learn to complete the forms on my own?

We’re so glad you asked. Yes! Our goal is to deliver the help you need right when you need it -- within the forms themselves in the Virtual Compliance Assistant. We have our sights on making an even more robust tool and adding to our assistance features as time goes by. On that note, please let us know if you are interested in being a beta tester!

In the meantime, we also have training that can kick-start your learning.

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