is a building or buildings that has six or more guest rooms or a lobby serving six or more guest rooms, where the guest rooms are intended or designed to be used, or which are used, rented, or hired out to be occupied, or which are occupied for sleeping purposes by guests, and all conditioned spaces within the same building envelope. Hotel/motel also includes all conditioned spaces which are (1) on the same property as the hotel/motel, (2) served by the same central heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system as the hotel/motel, and (3) integrally related to the functioning of the hotel/motel as such, including, but not limited to, exhibition facilities, meeting and conference facilities, food service facilities, lobbies, and laundries.

A building of Occupancy Group R-1,

Vacation timeshare properties and hotel or motel buildings of Occupancy Group R-2, and

The following types of Occupancy Group R-3:

Congregate residences for transient use,

Boarding houses of more than 6 guests, and

Alcohol or drug abuse recovery homes of more than6 guests