Section 170.0 – General

Multifamily buildings shall comply with the applicable requirements of Sections 170.0 through 170.2. Sections 170.0 through 170.2 apply to dwelling units and common use areas in multifamily buildings. Nonresidential occupancies in mixed occupancy buildings shall comply with nonresidential requirements in Sections 120, 130, 140 and 141.

(a)      Multifamily buildings shall meet all of the following:

1.    The applicable requirements of Sections 110.0 through 110.10.

2.    The applicable requirements of Section 160.0 (mandatory features).

3.    Either the performance Standards (Section 170.1) or the prescriptive Standards (Section 170.2) set forth in this Subchapter for the Climate Zone in which the building is located. Climate zones are shown in Reference Joint Appendix JA2 – Weather/Climate Data.

EXCEPTION to Section 170.0(a)3: If a single development falls in more than one Climate Zone, all buildings in the subdivision or tract may be designed to meet the performance or prescriptive standards for the Climate Zone that contains 50 percent or more of the dwelling units.

NOTE: The Commission periodically updates, publishes, and makes available to interested persons and local enforcement agencies precise descriptions of the Climate Zones, as specified in Reference Joint Appendix JA2 – Weather/Climate Data.

NOTE: The requirements of Sections 170.1(a) through 170.2(e) apply to newly constructed buildings and Sections 180.1 and 180.2 specify changes to the requirements of Sections 170.1(a) through 170.2(e) that apply to additions or alterations.

NOTE: Authority: Sections 25213, 25218, 25218.5, 25402 and 25402.1, Public Resources Code. Reference: Sections 25007, 25008, 25218.5, 25310, 25402, 25402.1, 25402.4, 25402.5, 25402.8, and 25943, Public Resources Code.